Sichuan Agricultural University
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Sichuan Agricultural University

Address: Room 606, Administration Building 1, No.211 Huimin Road, Wenjiang District, Chengdu, 611130, P. R. China

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Sichuan Agricultural University (SAU) has a long history of more than 110 years. It is a national Project 211; key construction university and a national Double First-Class; construction university. Being featured by biotechnology, SAU takes agricultural science and technology as its advantage, and coordinates the development of various disciplines. SAU consists of three campuses: Ya'an, Chengdu and Dujiangyan, has 26 colleges, 15 research institutes (centers) and 1 national key laboratory (in preparation), covering 10 disciplines: Agronomy, Science, Engineering, Economics, Management, Medicine, Literature, Pedagogy, Law and Art.

Sichuan Agricultural University 2021 Enrollment Guide


SAU has 27 colleges, 15 research institutes (centers) and 1 State Key Laboratory (in preparation), covering 10 disciplines: Agronomy, Science, Engineering, Economics, Management, Medicine, Literature, Pedagogy, Law and Art. There are more than 3600 faculty members, of which 411 professors and 559 associate professors, 272 doctoral supervisors and 833 master's supervisors. SAU has a complete education system for bachelor, master and doctor's cultivation: 91 undergraduate majors, 88 master’s majors, 49 doctoral majors and 7 post-doctoral research stations. There are more than 44,000 full-time students, including more than 39,000 undergraduate students and nearly 4,600 Master's and doctoral students.


International Economy and Trade

1. Objectives

The program is taught in English. The students should master the basic theories of economics and international trade; they also should be familiar with the development and trade policies of different countries under WTO rules. The students will have good abilities of communication, coordination, innovation and entrepreneurship after graduation, and can be adapted to the economic globalization.

2. Training requirements

The students mainly study the basic theories and basic knowledge of international economics and trade; accept the basic training of international economic and trade practices; and will have excellent quality structure, ability structure and knowledge structure.

3. Main courses

Microeconomics ,Macroeconomics, Accounting, Statistics, International Economics, International trade theory and policy, Practice of International Trade, Principles of Management, International Business Negotiation, Principles of Finance.

Chinese Language and Literature

1. Objectives

This program aims to nurture students with strong oral and written capacities of Chinese language and a broad basic knowledge of humanities and social sciences. Students are cultivated to be inter-disciplinary talents specialized in a wide range of fields like trade with China, diplomacy, C-E/E-C translation, tourism, secretarial work, Chinese teaching and research and etc.

2. Training requirements

The normal duration of study for this program is 4 years. Students will be allowed to graduate and be granted a Bachelor of Arts degree by SAU upon completing all of the following requirements: complete all the courses stipulated in the curriculum; obtain the credits specified by the program; complete the graduation design (or graduation thesis) related to the major independently and pass the defense; and pass Chinese Proficiency Test (new HSK) Level 5 or above.

3. Main courses

Oral Chinese, Chinese Reading, Chinese Listening and Speaking, Chinese Comprehensive Class, Introduction to Literature, Appreciation of Ancient Chinese Literary Works, A Guide to the Classics of Modern and Contemporary Chinese Literature, Modern Chinese, Foreign Literature, Aesthetics, Travel Chinese, Business Chinese, Overview of China, Special Topics on Chinese Culture, Special Topics on Chinese History, Special Topics on Chinese Philosophy, Intercultural Communication


The university provides clean and tidy apartments for international students. There are four people in each room. The cost is 1200 yuan per year. Air conditioning, bathroom with warm water and basic furniture are provided in the dormitory. In addition, the school also provides all kinds of delicious food for all teachers and students.


The amazing academic and research developments in China have made the country first choice for Pakistani students.

SAU graduate student Name:Kumail Abbas


SAU graduate student Name:Yaya Sow

Every international students are assigned to academic tutor who will guide them in every steps.

SAU graduate student Name:Salina Adhikari

I am out of words to thanks Sichuan Agricultural University and my eminent Prof. Yang Wenyu.

SAU graduate student Name:Muhammad Ali Raza