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Natural Science


Management Science







Military Science

Three-year Diploma




This major mainly cultivates professionals engaged in the teaching and research of physics and related frontier disciplines, and also cultivates interdisciplinary talents who can apply physics to various fields of technology and society. After learning and training, students of this major should have the foundation of further study in physics and related disciplines, and be able to meet the requirements of research, teaching, technology application and management after graduation.



This major mainly cultivates students with high comprehensive quality, innovative spirit, solid theoretical knowledge, broad scope of knowledge, reasonable knowledge structure, strong hands-on ability and the ability to acquire knowledge and comprehensively apply knowledge. Graduates of this major can be engaged in geological theory and comprehensive research in geology, scientific research and teaching departments, or be engaged in corresponding management and teaching work.



Derived from ancient Greek, mathematics is the study of concepts such as quantity, structure, change, and spatial models. Through the use of abstraction and logical reasoning, generated by counting, calculating, measuring, and observing the shape and motion of objects. The basic elements of mathematics are logic and intuition, analysis and reasoning, commonness and individuality.



The applied mathematics major cultivates senior professionals who master the basic theories and methods of Mathematical Science, have the ability to solve practical problems by using mathematical knowledge and computers, receive the preliminary training of scientific research, and can engage in research and teaching work in science and technology, education and economic departments, or engage in practical application, development, research and management in production and management departments



The students will have a good sense of professional and moral research, and have a good foundation of social research. Graduates of basic research have a high international perspective and have the potential to solve major international frontier scientific and basic theoretical problems in their field; graduates of applied basic research have a pragmatic attitude and strong potential to solve key scientific problems in the major national and local needs in their field.