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Natural Science


Management Science







Military Science

Three-year Diploma


Public Finance


This major aims to cultivate students with good basic knowledge of economics, professional knowledge of Finance and taxation, good comprehensive ability, application ability and innovation ability, and can be engaged in research, application, management and consultation in finance, taxation, public management, public investment, state-owned assets management, enterprise management, non-profit organizations and other related fields or posts Qualified personnel of cooperation or innovation.

Finance Engineering


This major cultivates applied financial engineering talents with international vision and innovative spirit based on compound knowledge structure. Graduates of this major should have good political quality and reasonable knowledge structure, systematically master the basic theory of Finance and the basic principles and technology of financial engineering, and have the knowledge of economy, management, law and financial finance. They should highlight the study of financial quantitative method, emphasize the ability of analysis, research and Application of financial problems and the cultivation of financial engineering quality On the platform of basic theory and practice innovation, we should pay attention to the cultivation of innovation consciousness, master the theory of modern financial engineering, securities analysis technology and financing operation skills, and have strong market awareness, competition awareness and innovation awareness.

Monetary Finance


This major cultivates innovative finance with a global vision, a systematic grasp of financial knowledge and financial theory, professional skills of financial practice, strong social adaptability, competent for the professional work of banks, securities, insurance and other financial institutions, government departments and enterprises and institutions, with profound theoretical foundation, exquisite professional skills, good comprehensive quality and excellent personality quality Talent.

National Economic Accounting


The main direction of teaching and scientific research of this subject is: basic theories and methods of national economics, mainly studying the application of macroeconomic management theories, macroeconomic econometric models and methods such as economic growth and economic development, government behavior under market economy; national economy operation and macro-control, mainly studying socialist macroeconomics and national economic operation in transition Market economy and macro-control, regional economy and urban development theory.



This major focuses on theoretical economics, and has the attributes of Applied Economics, and also has strong applicability and practicality. It aims to cultivate high-quality economics professionals with solid professional basic knowledge and basic theory, as well as international vision and innovation and entrepreneurship ability.

International Economy and Trade


The training objectives of this major can be summarized as: to be able to systematically master the basic principles of economics and the basic theories of international economy and trade, master the basic knowledge and skills of international trade, understand the development status of China's foreign trade and contemporary international economic trade, be familiar with the prevailing international trade practices and rules, as well as the policies and regulations of China's foreign trade, and understand the major countries Foreign trade status of home and region, senior professionals who can engage in international economic and trade business, management, research, teaching and scientific research in foreign economic and trade departments, foreign-funded enterprises, government institutions and scientific research institutes.



The major of auditing aims to train senior specialized talents with knowledge and ability in management, economy, law, accounting and auditing, who are capable of engaging in auditing work in national auditing organs, departments and internal auditing institutions and social auditing organizations, as well as teaching and research work in schools and research units.The students of this major mainly learn the basic theories and basic knowledge of accounting and auditing, receive the basic training of accounting and auditing methods and skills, and have the basic ability to analyze and solve accounting and auditing problems.

International Business


International Business Program consists of two specialized directions:  Cross-border E-commerce and Retail Commerce. It aims to cultivate application-oriented international talents who can engage in the fields of business  management, cross-border e-commerce, retail commerce, freight forwarding,  insurance declaration and other related work in foreign-related enterprises,  e-commerce companies and various foreign trade agencies.



This major cultivates applied, compound and international advanced investment with global vision, systematic investment knowledge and investment theory, professional skills of investment practice, strong social adaptability, and professional work of banking, securities, insurance and other financial institutions, government departments and enterprises and institutions, and strong organization, decision-making, management and cooperation ability Professional talents in asset management.